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"What a gift art is!
Expressing the beauty of thoughts
through pictures is true magic."

Romina Lutz

Seeing through the Eyes of a Child  There is a magical tale behind my art

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Hi, my name is Romina and I am a digital artist. I paint dreamy illustrations on an interactive ­surface that transfers the movement and pressure of the pen onto the computer screen. I have always loved to paint and draw. Moreover, I used to be passionate about playing with toys. If you have kids, you know what I mean when you watch them play. The sparkle in their eyes, the exciting face when they drift away into their own fantasy world, where everything is ­possible and everything is so much fun. Can YOU remember what this feeling was like? These moments full of joy, the magic exploration of the world’s playground? Nothing could hold us back, right? Yeah, my imagination was bursting, too. There were no worries. I was full of energy and ­enthusiasm. It was like a fairytale.

Until one day, at the age of twelve, when my childhood imagination died. That was the darkest moment of my life and my ­greatest desire was to get it back. If you want to know what happened, we need to do a little time-travel:

In primary and even secondary school, I was daydreaming all the time. I remember how my teachers used to say, “Mina, you need to focus!” When I started laughing because something funny was going on in my head, they reprimand, “Mina, you need to behave!” or “Mina, grow up!” My reaction as a stubborn little girl: I ­continued daydreaming, pretending I could turn my ­teachers into green mute frogs that were playing ­“Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd on their tiny bagpipes.

At home, mom and dad were watching the news on TV. I was hiding behind the sofa, so they didn’t know I was there. I heard them saying, “This is a bad world, so much crime, so much sadness...” My reaction as a stubborn little girl: I ­continued daydreaming, pretending my best ­friend was a ­giant dragon who smelled like ­oranges and ­chocolate. He rescued all people in need. All they had to do is to jump on his back and off the dragon flew. It was like a banana boat ride through the colourful sky, freeing them from all their pain and worries.

I also had a wooden train called Mr. Woodpacker. The best thing about Mr. Woodpacker was that I could drive the engine by only using my voice: “CHOOO CHOOO!” I was such a skilled train driver! This particular train stopped anywhere: Panama, ​Wonderland or Treasure Island. Its main station was the fluffy rug in our kids room. This rug sometimes transformed into Aladdin‘s rug. Sitting on it, I was able to fly away from the tiny room I shared with my younger brother. I built all kinds of Lego houses, too: single-family houses, skyscrapers and even castles. However, the toys I loved the most were my pens: crayons, markers and coloured pencils. I used them everywhere: on white paper, on my barbie‘s face, or on my favorite canvas: the white walls of our living room.

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When I was twelve, I realized that my friends began to behave differently. Like every day, ­after I had finished my homework, I met my best friend at the playground. I got a new toy and I was so ­excited to show it to her, “Look! I have a new toy: What do you think of this adorable troll?” She ­looked at me rather bored and raised one eyebrow. “Yeah, nice...” This was definitely not the reaction I expected. “So, what do you want to do then?“ I asked her. She said, “I’d like to introduce you to someone. I‘ll be right back.” So I stood there waiting, with my pink-haired troll looking at me with a skeptical face. I calmed it down by braiding its hair. Five minutes later my friend came back and introduced me to a boy. His name was Game Boy and I immediately fell in love with him. He was so beautiful, charming, witty, clever, and magical. My friend and I played a game called “Tetris”. WOW! Time literally flew! The afternoon passed so fast and we had so much fun… until…

Low battery.
The energy had been drained.
Our Game Boy didn’t want to play with us anymore. My friend was grumpy, and so was I. “I still can have fun with my other toys!” I thought. I waved my friend goodbye and ran home.

As I reached our kids room, I incidently stepped on one of our Lego bricks. “Ouuuuuuch, damn thing!” I shrieked. Suddenly, all Lego bricks turned into regular rectangles that were constantly in the way. The coloured pencils all looked grayish. “What is going on here?!” Nervously, I turned to my wooden train, Mr. Woodpacker, but its engine was gone. So I commanded my Aladdin rug: “Fly away!”... but it didn’t. “Ok, don‘t panic, maybe I am just daydreaming!” I thought. The toys in my kids room got boring, so my last hope was my new troll. I digged into my pockets but I couldn’t find it. Sadly I realized: I must have dropped it when I was introduced to my friend’s Game Boy. I was ashamed and angry. I was desperate and confused. What was happening here?! My toys were not working anymore.

Low battery.
The energy had been drained.
This was it: The sad end of my fantasy, my imagination, my childhood.

This is a bad world, so much crime, so much sadness...

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“Mina, you need to focus!” I told myself with tears in my eyes. “I need to behave! I need to grow up!“ Suddenly, I heard the soft sound of bagpipes coming from my left ear. The green mute frogs were playing “Comfortably Numb” on my shoulders. Although this is my favourite song, this time it sounded awful. Seconds later I smelled oranges and chocolate. The dragon! I was convinced that it was going to rescue me! Indeed, there it was, gigantic and beautiful with a soft smile on its face. But it was not looking at me. It was looking at the frogs on my shoulders. They jumped on the dragon‘s back and all of them disappeared. “I am on my own now.” I thought.

My thirteenth birthday was in two weeks time but I was not in party mood. My parents wanted to cheer me up and asked, “What do you wish for, Mina?” All I could think of was: I want my childhood imagination back. I couldn‘t sleep for days because I tried to reconstruct what happened. I felt the last moment of happiness when I played “Tetris” on the Game Boy. “This damn bad boy with its low battery.” I mumbled angrily, “Gosh, why has it even got a ­battery in the first place?! Couldn’t it just run with a regular cable like a computer?” “A computer...” I came up with an idea. A friend of mine told me that her computer had plenty of games. “Maybe, this is how I can find my childhood imagination back. Perhaps, I can explore a new, digital world where everything is possible and everything is so much fun.” I thought.

I informed my parents about my expensive birthday wish. It was a lot of money, but my parents would have done everything to see me smile again.
So, on the day of my birthday, mom and dad surprised me with a computer.

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I was in awe of this weird thingy from the ­future. >WOW! The screen was even bigger than the Game Boy‘s screen. Slowly, I moved the mouse to the left and to the right. “Okay, mouse, take me to ­Wonderland, CHOOO CHOOO!” I commanded. The mouse soared along like Aladdin‘s rug. I found an interesting icon with a drawing palette on it. “Oooooh, I want to go there. Take me to this destination, mouse!”


A program called “paint” opened. With it, I could draw and paint objects. I drew houses: single-family houses, skyscrapers and castles. I even found my favourite crayons, markers and ­coloured pencils. They showed up as a drawing ­palette on the left side of the program. Even my canvas was there! I was full of energy and enthusiasm. It was like a fairytale.

Finally, I regained my childhood imagination. I was so happy and relieved. Besides, I grew up, being less stubborn, willing to listen to my teachers and understanding my parents‘ fear of a sad world. Furthermore, my friend showed me an ­alternative way of play: the digital play.

Now, 22 years later, I can still feel this kind of magic when I paint on my computer. My artistic goal is to immerse you into the child-like imaginary, rediscovering and embracing the world‘s playground with a curiousity-driven mind. Talking of curiousity: Would you like to know what I have in my pockets? It is my pink troll. Her name is “Magenta”. She and I still get lost...
but mainly in our daydreams. On the basis of childhood imagination, we can explore more creative possibilities in a fun way. Through our intuitive feelings, we are able to find better solutions, because we think outside the box. Let us explore in ways our logical mind can not understand. Let us see things we want so see.

Thank you for reading my story and seeing through the eyes of a child.

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Artist Statement  The Why and What of my Work

My digital artwork dignifies the enchanted world of childhood imagination. The magic of seeing through the eyes of a child is expressed by my colourful and often surreal illustration style. Fascination and the urge to explore are natural for every child. However, as we age, we strive for routine and a structured life.

My artistic process rediscovers, in a whimsical way, the seemingly lost naïvety. Innocent emotions are allowed to blossom again, free from judgment.

My art comes to life by using a tablet with an interactive work surface, revoking memories when I was a 13-year-old girl: It was my first computer that let me lean towards the joy of creating digital paintings. The child-like affection for play remains vital until today. Dreams, nature, travel, animals, houses and human psychology comprise the main themes of my art. Partly pastel, partly vibrant colours communicate my emotions. The cohesive style consists of a touch of vintage, naïve art and flat design elements. A fairytale feeling connected with mystery and fantasy underlines the power of childhood symbolism.

My artistic goal is to immerse the viewer into the child-like imaginary, rediscovering and embracing the world’s playground with a curiousity-driven mind.

Working Day  Bringing my Drawings to Life

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My day starts with a delicious cup of coffee, while I am collecting ideas for my new digital work. Once I have an idea, I draw a sketch which will be scanned and transferred to my computer. The next step is to vectorize my sketch in Adobe Illustrator and adding final details in Adobe Photoshop.

The files for the final artwork will be prepared for more than fourty different products which you can find in my online stores (). This takes quite a long time, hence I have to finally add descriptions, keywords, translations etc. once the product comes "to life".

Now that the big part is done, I finally write down my thoughts to every single piece of work which you can either read in my digital art blog or watch some of my videos on Youtube (more to come, soon). I would be very happy if you follow me on social media, too!

Besides creating digital artwork, I am working half-time in an art publishing company. The period between September and December is very busy there, so there might be less new artworks in those months.

In my free time my husband and I take photographs which are going to be edited and prepared for our photography online shop. We would be pleased if you have a look at

I create dreamy art with a touch of vintage, minimal art and flat design elements. Choosing the right colours and textures that communicate emotional messages is of prime importance for my designs. Besides, I am really passionate about adding a fairytale feeling and also a touch of mystery and surrealism to my works. When the viewer drifts away into his or her own magical place somewhere in their imagination, then this is the most beautiful compliment I can receive.

I get my inspiration from my lovely husband, great conversations with people and unforgettable moments in nature. Besides, I love books and music. To put it more simply: all those little, magical things happening throughout the day. I am a big fan of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, watching him perform definitely inspires me a lot too.

To my Followers  This goes out to you

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Dear Dreamers,

I want to thank you for all your lovely messages through email and social media. It is such an amazing feeling to know that you are out there looking at my art! Either if you are from Australia, Europe, Asia or Iceland :)
I cannot thank you enough for your lovely encouragement!

Again, thank you all for your support, kind words, likes, purchases, subscriptions, interest, your help and all your kindness!

Without you it wouldn't be possible to live my dream!

Yours, Mina

My Etsy Shop  [ the most personal shop ]

I have always wanted to personally thank you for appreciating my art and wrap up your order by myself.

My service for you (only available in my Etsy Shop):

► All prints are personally signed
Free worldwide priority shipping on all art prints
► All art prints are printed on 300gsm high quality matte paper made in Germany
► You will get a very personal, safely wrapped package crafted by me for you
You will make my day by supporting my small business :)

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