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"What a gift art is!
Expressing the beauty of thoughts
through pictures is true magic."

Romina Lutz

rewind  [ delorian, take me back to 1997 ]

The Gift that Changed my Life

On my 13th birthday I received a unique gift from my parents. I wasn't aware of the impact it would have on my future development: my very first computer.

Astonished by a mechanical thing called "mouse" I selected an icon representing a painter’s palette and a brush. The clever detectives amongst you probably guessed the name of this program, right? - Exactly, ladies & gentlemen, I am talking about "Paint".

A window popped up and a white canvas opened in front of my eyes. Fascinated by the mouse enabling me to draw lines, I thought: "This is magic". I remember how excited I was when I drew my first male portrait. Probably I don't have to explain that this portrait looked quite terrible. I even drew a disgusting snot with an even more disgusting greenish tone, dripping from the poor man's nose... this portrait was my very first artistic expression, I guess. So there it was: my first portrait of a comic man who obviously had a bad cold.

After finishing this hilarious portrait I noticed that I could also fill the voids with colours. Moreover, I could partially erase the image and mix colours together. This was definitely heaven. A colourful heaven without limits and I was the happiest girl because I discovered the art and possibilities of digital art.

fast forward  [ tardis, stop at 2016 ]

The Beginning of Selling my Art

In 2015 a fellow artist asked me if I was a member of SOCIETY6. I looked up inquiringly at him: „No, I don’t like cults“. After his hysterical laugh I realised that I should have known better. He explained that SOCIETY6 is a creative marketplace where artists sell their own designs on various products such as phone cases, wall tapestries, towels and much more.

I confess my skepticism at first but it turned out to be the wisest decision to join. At that point I was working on finding my own individual digital style, experimenting a lot but focussing on digital portraits. Success seemed an implausibility but after a while I started to sell my first designs. Each individual sale was a big motivation to try new designs. Carefully observing the colours and objects that were positively received by the audience, I started to create vintage vector art. Deeply pleased with this kind of style, I was more than happy to notice the increasing number of people enjoying my vector art. I received lovely messages from people telling me to keep up the good work. Thank you all for your amazing encouragement!

The Impact of Online Marketing

I have a confession to make. I really didn’t enjoy online marketing... sorry, I hated online marketing. At that point I haven't even joined social media except facebook. After reading several posts of successful artists I forced myself into this subject. I realised the importance of this step, so let’s begin: A friend of mine told me about instagram and all I could understand was hashtag. After finding out about #thosestrangecrossedlines I gave it a go. I prepared my profile as well as colourful advertisements for my products. Then, ladies and gentlemen, the magic happened again and a motivated angels’ choir was singing "Halleluja": I actually started to enjoy online marketing. Lovely people from around the world began to follow me on various platforms; even art blogs shared my work or even inquired for an interview. Well, I guess I have another confession make: I really like online marketing... sorry, this is definitely a lie too, I practically love online marketing. Angels, go and sing the tune, would you! :)

More Schwebewesen Online Shops

Some offer different products for my designs, that’s why there is more than just one Schwebewesen Online Shop. Besides Society6 I later joined RedBubble, Curioos and Displate. After receiving an invitation from the German site ArtBoxOne at the end of September 2016, I am selling my digital artwork there, too. A few weeks later, the successful German site Posterlounge asked me to sell my artwork on their amazing platform, too! Every once in a while there are great offers and deals where you can save a lot of money. I will keep you posted!

Win Your Favourite Schwebewesen Give Aways

Don’t miss my free giveaway products four times a year. You can choose from three different tote bags. You get the chance to win them through a post on my facebook page. If you would like to win a give away apart from tote bags you can make a suggestion by using the contact form.

pause   [ oh please, hold on ]

I only pause my work for longer offroad and camping tours or short city trips with my amazing husband or lovely friends. I think it is absolutely important to collect moments due to their inspirational nature - the foundation of creating new artwork! Besides, striving for personal growth and improvement is very important to me. This development is only possible when we all step out into the world, talk to interesting people and really "feel" our life.

Meditation, good tea and sports like swimming and cycling are a good way to pause and regain energy, too.
In the period between September and December I am very busy, so there might be less new artworks in those months.

play   [ here we are again ]

Besides creating digital artwork I am currently working in an art publishing company. In my free time I collect ideas for new digital works and take photographs together with my husband. Every new artwork - digital art or a photography - is published in my Latest Artwork Section on my website as well as on my social media platforms. - So stay tuned and don’t miss my blog for exciting news!

stop   [ in the name of love ]

This is my promise to you: As long as I am in good health, I will never stop creating digital art!

eject  [ beam me up, scotty! ]

…no way! However, I voluntarily press the „eject“-button when I am surrounded by negative and fake people and bad manners.

record  [ for the record ]

Art is a fantastic way to experience creativity and new ideas. There have been so many interesting technical developments throughout history and I am looking forward to recognise in a few years, that even the point right now is just the beginning of something even more magical!

Short Biography

Name: Romina "Mina" Tina Lutz
Birthday: May 24th, 1984
Country: Austria
College: Teachers College, Art College
Profession: Digital Artist
Hobbies: Digital Art, Travel, Books, Photography, Cycling, Hiking

Digital Artwork:
Style: Vector Art Artistic field: Flat Landscapes, Vector Illustrations Feel: Mysterious, magical, dreamy, surreal Subjects: People, Architecture, Animals and Landscapes

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom Hardware: Wacom Tablet (Intuos)

Book: Walden | Henry David Thoreau Quote: "It takes a long time to become young." - Pablo Picasso Animal: Puffin Colour: Mysterious blue-green-grayish Flower: Magnolia Artwork: "After the Rain" by Cyril Rolando Country: England, Iceland Place: Nature TV Show: Sherlock Dish: Panzerotti Drink: Leffe Event: Amusement Parks & Festivals Weakness: British Accent Object: Head Phones Label: Naketano Muse: Benedict Cumberbatch Sound: Bell of Big Ben Font: Helvetica Artist: Cyril Rolando Desert: Crumpets with butter & orange jam Dream: Flying Tradition: Scottish Word: Pumpedüse (german for unit injector) Instrument: Piano & violin Manners: Kindness, Honesty & Respect Body part: Eyes Band: Muse Element: Water Song: Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd Composer: Ramin Djawadi Cloth: Beanies Furniture: Hammock Film: Big Fish Feeling: Harmony Social media: Pinterest App: Shazam Actress: Tilda Swinton Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch

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